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Egge – Obsolete Engine Parts Specialists

I’m sure you’ve all wondered - What the heck is an Egge Machine and what does it really do? Good question! Let us help you with that answer.

First and foremost, Egge Machine Company is a world-class piston manufacturer that specializes

in domestic vehicle applications from the early 1900s to 1980. Egge operates a state of the art foundry and machine shop in its Santa Fe Springs, CA facility. We use high silicon A-332 aluminum-alloy, which is ideal for automotive piston applications. Our pistons are cast using the original permanent steel molds. Egge has a wide-range of original molds which allows us to manufacture pistons to fit most automotive, light truck, AG/industrial, and marine applications. And, unlike other manufacturers, Egge’s quality pistons are made in the USA and second to none!

We also stock valve train and timing components, camshafts, gaskets, water pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps; main, rod and cam bearings. You can purchase a complete master rebuilt kit, a modified rebuild kit (tailored to fit your needs) or individual key components as needed. We also provide the essential technical and professional services needed to properly rebuild most pre-80s motors such as: Water pump and fuel pump rebuilding, cam grinding, lifter resurfacing, rocker assembly rebuilding, babbitt bearing, and align bore services.

As you may have read, Egge Machine Company also provides high quality oil pump and timing cover remanufacturing services. We can now meet the quick turn-around demands of busy automotive, truck, and industrial service centers. Each Egge re-manufactured pump is flow tested for pressure and volume to ensure the pump is in proper working order before being shipped out. Every oil pump and timing cover we ship is guaranteed to work properly!

Now that you have learned what our company is about and you have a technical question, first check out our “Ask Bob” section or you can contact us to speak with our Engine Parts Specialists who can assist you and your company with quality engine parts, technical assistance, courteous service, and parts shipped in a timely manner.